IV Infusion Prices

IV Division is providing a set of signature mixtures for specific goals. We can do IVs for individuals, or groups, in the comfort of your own home, hotel or even event or conference. Essentially, anywhere you are as each appointment is customized to your individual needs.


Recovery IV Infusion


This infusion is perfect for those suffering from gastrointestinal illness and dehydration. Benefits include re-hydration and relief of nausea due to viral illnesses and food poisoning.


Post Workout IV Infusion


This infusion assists the body in re-hydrating and promoting muscle recovery.


Wellness IV Infusion


This infusion uses high-dose vitamins to stimulate the immune system to fight viral illnesses and provide the body with a powerful blend of high-dose antioxidants.


Weight Loss IV Infusion


This infusion combines vitamins and amino acids to speed up metabolism, increase fat burning, and assist with weight loss.


Hangover IV Infusion


This powerful infusion cures shakiness, fatigue, severe headache and in some cases, gastrointestinal problems like nausea and vomiting associated with a serious hangover.


Skin Hydration IV Infusion


This infusion helps to restore natural skin glow with a unique blend of IV fluids, vitamins, and minerals.


Also, there are several ingredients/add-ons that can be administered in addition to any of our signature formulas. The Add-ons are…

Magnesium (1 gram) - $25

Trace Elements - $35

Pepcid (20mg) - $35

Toradol (30mg) - $25

Reglan (10mg) - $25

Glutathione (2 grams) - $40

Vitamin C (5 grams) - $50

B Complex - $40

Vitamin B12 (1mg) - $40

Zofran (4mg) - $25

NOTE: These add-ons might sound hard to understand for you. To know the details of our all ingredients/add-ons, click here